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Winning in Libya: By Design or Default? (IFRI, 30/01/2013)

The 2011 insurgency in Libya, supported by the air forces of the NATO-led coalition, brought about the demise of Supreme Leader Mouammar Qadhafi. While the United Nations Security Council resolutions did not direct regime change, many key political leaders saw … Lire la suite

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Three Plan Bs for U.N.’s Brahimi in Syria (Richard Gowan, World Politics Review, 10/12/2012)

Does Lakhdar Brahimi have any good options for ending the Syrian war? Brahimi has served as the United Nations-Arab League envoy to Syria for more than three months, having been chosen to replace Kofi Annan in August. Unlike Annan, who … Lire la suite

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Six pointers to Assad’s fall (Brian Whitaker, 04/12/2012)

Each day’s news brings more reasons to believe the Assad regime’s fall cannot be far away. Viewed individually these signs may not in themselves spell doom for the regime but collectively they do. 1. Withdrawal of UN and diplomatic personnel: … Lire la suite

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Citizenship and the New “State of Palestine” (Jadaliyya, 02/12/2012)

In his second attempt to obtain United Nations recognition of Palestine as a state, on 29 November 2012 Palestinian Authority (PA) president Mahmoud Abbas requested the General Assembly to accept the bid for non-member observer state status. An overwhelming majority … Lire la suite

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The Damascus strategy: a sober reassessment? (Marc Pierini, Hurriyet Daily News, 11/10/2012)

So far, the strategy of the Damascus regime is one of total chaos. Confronted with a seemingly irreversible deterioration of its situation, the regime kills, tortures, bombs and tries to involve Turkey in the battle. Yet, there is no realistic … Lire la suite

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