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Qatar Leaks: The Business of Foreign Affairs (Al-Akhbar, 23/01/2013)

Al-Akhbar publishes leaked minutes from the Qatari Ministry of Foreign Affairs that have Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu and Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi discussing regional affairs – from Russia’s involvement in Syria to Gaddafi’s fall – with Qatari officials. An … Lire la suite

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Syria and the Changing Middle East Energy Map (Carnegie Middle East Center, 02/02/2013)

The Egyptian Revolution and a Stalled Pipeline Project The Arab Spring has already had an impact on the energy map in the Middle East. The Arab Gas Pipeline project, which from its inception more than a decade ago aimed to … Lire la suite

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(Al Arab, 06/01/2013) قطر وتركيا تبحثان بناء محطة غاز

قال وزير الطاقة التركي تانر يلدز إن بلاده تسعى لاستثمار قطري لبناء محطة للغاز الطبيعي المسال، هي الثالثة في تركيا، والتي من المتوقع أن تكون قريبة من الحدود التركية مع كل من اليونان وبلغاريا، حسبما أفادت وكالة بلومبيرج الأميركية. وقال … Lire la suite

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The Syria question. Is the answer 142? (Brian Whitaker, 23/12/2012)

There are growing signs that Russia, the US and a number of other countries are now working behind the scenes to bring the Syrian conflict to a negotiated end. The latest indication that something is afoot came on Saturday when … Lire la suite

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An Interview with Nechirvan Barzani: Will There Be an Independent Kurdistan? (Jay Newton-Small / Erbil, 22/12/2012)

If there is one man who deserves the credit for the growing Turkish-Kurd rapprochement, it’s Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani of Iraqi Kurdistan. Five years ago Kurds and foreigners alike laughed in his face when he told them that not only … Lire la suite

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Bogdanov’s Position: Al-Assad’s Head Following Political Solution? ( Al Hayat – 21 December, 2012)

The position issued by Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov features numerous facets. Some considered that it marked the beginning of a transformation in Russia’s position towards the Syrian issue, while others believed it did not carry any shift away … Lire la suite

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Appointment Of Gal, Selim Idris, head of the Syrian Joint military command (10/12/2012)

A group of 30 civilian and military opposition members met in Turkey to name Brigadier Selim Idris, a former Assad army officer, as the new head of the joint military command. The take-away from most media organizations is that some … Lire la suite

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US Trains Rebel Brigades to Secure Chemical Weapons (Syria Deeply, 07/12/2012)

The US and its allies have hired contractors to train some Syrian rebel brigades in chemical weapons security, Syria Deeply has exclusively learned from four diplomats, including one US official. The sources asked to remain anonymous, as they deal directly … Lire la suite

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Gulf States Rethink Ties to Muslim Brotherhood (Al Monitor, 16/11/2012)/ تعيش حالة من القلق والهلع  »الإخوانوفوبيا ».. شبح الأسر الحاكمة في دول الخليج العربي

Observers believe that the reason why some Gulf states have launched a campaign against Muslim Brotherhood members is because they are worried of the group’s reaching power in the Arab Spring countries. Adding to their worries is the developing relationship … Lire la suite

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Turkey Reassesses Its Ties To Syria’s Opposition (Al Monitor, Youssef Al-Sharif, 25/10/2012)

Two months ago, political and media quarters in Turkey seemed optimistic about a possible change in Washington’s position on the Syrian crisis after the United States presidential election.They expected that Washington would start working on settling the issue, either by … Lire la suite

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