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Hackers post opposition speech on Kuwait government website (AFP, 17/04/2013)

KUWAIT CITY, Kuwait (AFP)–Cyber activists hacked into Kuwait’s information ministry website and posted a speech that earned an opposition leader a five-year prison term, the ministry said on Wednesday. « The ministry’s electronic website has been penetrated by hackers, » an official … Lire la suite

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الدخل الحقيقي لسنة 2012 يزيد عن الدخل المعلن في الميزانية بـ 782 مليار ريال

الدخل المزعوم لسنة 2012 (النفطي وغير النفطي): 1239 مليار ريال تفاصيل الدخل الحقيقي لسنة 2012 أولا: القطاعات الموثقة بمصادر رسمية وشبه رسمية (كل رقم عليه الرابط كمصدر) الدخل النفطي من النفط المصدر للخارج: 1100 مليار ريال الدخل النفطي من النفط … Lire la suite

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The Outlook for Bahrain (Chatham House, 21/12/2012)

The Chatham House Middle East and North Africa Programme is pleased to annouce the publication of a new meeting summary as part of our work on Future Trends in the Gulf States. Summary: * One year after the Bahrain Independent … Lire la suite

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Kuwait shuts opposition-linked television (AFP, 20/12/2012)

Kuwait on Thursday closed private television station Al-Youm, which backs the opposition, for allegedly failing to meet administrative conditions, the government said. « The information ministry has scrapped the licence of a satellite station for violating the terms of the licence … Lire la suite

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Deepening of the Kuwaiti malaise (Abdallah Al Shayji, Gulf News, 10/12/2012)

The divisive mood over electoral law, as well as the government-vs-opposition showdowns, will be rectified neither through a boycott of polls nor participation. On December 1, 2012, more than a third of eligible Kuwaiti voters went to the polls for … Lire la suite

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L’Administration Obama travaille au lancement d’un nouveau conseil de l’opposition syrienne (Foreign Policy -30/10/2012)

Selon The Cable, les leaders de tous bords de l’opposition syrienne se réuniront la semaine prochaine à Qatar pour former une nouvelle instance de leadership absorbant le Conseil National Syrien qui est largement considéré comme étant inefficace, consumé par des … Lire la suite

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