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Obama’s pragmatic approach to Mideast (27/03/2013, The Washington Post)

Here’s the coldblooded calculation at work as President Obama shapes his foreign-policy agenda: If he took “full ownership” of the Syria problem through direct military intervention, that’s probably all he could accomplish during his second term — and even then, … Lire la suite

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Former US Envoy Calls For US-Iran Talks on Syria (Al Monitor, 17/11/2012)

In an exclusive interview with Al-Monitor about developments in Syria and Iraq, Ryan Crocker, one of America’s most distinguished diplomats, said that it is a “good time for discussion” between Washington and Tehran about Syria. Excerpts of his interview with … Lire la suite

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The Survivor (Foreign Policy, 12/11/2012)

Barack Obama called for Syrian’s Bashar al-Assad to step aside more than a year ago. Here’s why he’s still in power. On Aug. 18, 2011, U.S. President Barack Obama released a written statement that declared: « For the sake of the Syrian … Lire la suite

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