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OPEC appoints Saudi in top research post over (Arabian Business, 7 May 2013)

OPEC has appointed a Saudi Arabian candidate as its head of research over an Iranian, OPEC delegates told Reuters on Tuesday following a meeting at the organization’s headquarters in Vienna. Saudi Aramco’s Omar Abdulhamid was appointed as the head of … Lire la suite

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Party in the KSA (Foreign Policy, 14/01/2013)

Fifty men and women were arrested on New Year’s Eve in a coffee shop in the Saudi city of Jeddah, according to local news site Sabq. Their crime: They were together. The arrest, unfortunately, is business as usual in Saudi … Lire la suite

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Fleming Gulf to highlight expertise in refinery technology at 3rd Annual Global Refining Technology Forum in Doha, Qatar (Ameinfo, 19/12/2012)

The oil and gas refining industry is witnessing a lot of all changes all over the world. Global refining technology is essential for the future of oil and gas refineries worldwide. Fleming Gulf will be highlighting expertise in refinery technology … Lire la suite

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Big kingdom, small window Adventures with the Ministry of Informationin Saudi Arabia (Behind the News, 17/12/2012)

During the eight years I organized overseas trips for US news editors at the International Reporting Project, I had a rule of thumb that served me well—if a country has a Ministry of Information, it means trouble. So when, after … Lire la suite

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