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List of Morsi’advisors (23/04/2013)

@Bassem_Sabry الباقيين علي زمة #مرسي— moataz elzoghby (@melzoghby) April 23, 2013

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Bassem Youssef’s ‘Qatari’ homeland song goes viral (Ahram Online, 06/04/2013)

In Youssef’s show on Friday, he posed as the conductor of a choir that sang a new version of « My beloved homeland, my great homeland » in which the homeland was Qatar, described as a rich man willing to buy-off Egypt, … Lire la suite

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Qatar says no more aid to Egypt for now (Reuters, 12/03/2013)

Qatar does not expect to give further financial aid to Egypt in the immediate term, Qatari Finance Minister Youssef Kamal said on Monday. « We already announced $5 billion, » Kamal told Reuters, when asked how much aid Qatar had provided Egypt … Lire la suite

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Pont entre l’Egypte et l’Arabie Saoudite : le projet à 3 milliards $ de Saudi BinLadin Group (Starafrica, 25/02/2013)

En partenariat avec la société Arab Contractors, Saudi BinLadin Group (SBG) a proposé au président Mohamed Morsi de mobiliser des fonds devant permettre de financer le développement, la construction et l’exploitation du pont de 32 km sur la mer rouge … Lire la suite

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The Brothers and the Emirates (Al Majalla, 14/02/2013€

The downfall of Mubarak and the election of Mohammed Morsi as president of Egypt has brought the Muslim Brotherhood to the pinnacle of political power in the Arab world’s most populous state. However, elsewhere the situation is very different. A … Lire la suite

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Who remains from the presidential team? (Egypt Independent, 18/02/2013)

On Sunday, President Mohamed Morsy dismissed Khaled Alam Eddin, his environmental affairs adviser and a member of the Salafi Nour Party, after receiving a report that said Alam Eddin attempted to exploit his position, according to Al Jazeera Mubasher Misr. … Lire la suite

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Analysis – Rise of Islamists frays strategic UAE-Egyptian relations (Reuters, 17/02/2013)

(Reuters) – Days before his overthrow, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak received a senior visitor from the United Arab Emirates (UAE), one of several Gulf monarchies long supportive of the most Arab populous country and its veteran strongman. What transpired between … Lire la suite

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When they were friends: Egypt and Iran (Ahramonline, 04/02/2013)

Iranian President Ahmadinejad’s visit to Cairo, the first by an Iranian head of state in decades, may herald the long awaited restoration of historically close ties between the two nations On Tuesday, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will be the first Iranian … Lire la suite

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Qatar Leaks: The Business of Foreign Affairs (Al-Akhbar, 23/01/2013)

Al-Akhbar publishes leaked minutes from the Qatari Ministry of Foreign Affairs that have Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu and Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi discussing regional affairs – from Russia’s involvement in Syria to Gaddafi’s fall – with Qatari officials. An … Lire la suite

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Qatar’s Brotherhood Ties Alienate Fellow Gulf States (Al Monitor, 23/01/2013)

The Arab Gulf States may not admit it publically, but a schism is slowly emerging between these countries in the wake of the rise of Islamist powers in the region. Qatar, on the one hand, has wholeheartedly endorsed the new … Lire la suite

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