Dozens of Shias deported from UAE (ShiaPost, 04/03/2013)

At least 30 Shia Muslims are being deported from United Arab Emirates and forced to leave everything behind, The Shia Post reported.

The Shia immigrants were told to leave the UAE within 24 hours, even though most of them were living there since past 20-25 years.

On of the Pakistani immigrant was given 12 hours to evacuate all his business and residential property from Dubai.

The deported imigrants are include Pakistani, Iraqi, Syrian and Lebanese Shia Muslims.

The United Arab Emirates has expelled long-term Lebanese Shiite residents from the country over their presumed affiliation with Hezbollah.

On security grounds all these were forced to evacuate their property within hours, one of the immigrant informed the Shia Post.The residence permits were also cancelled for no apparent reason.

Last year Khoja Shia madrassa closed down, Shia mosque activities restricted, World Federation of Shia Ithna Asharee Jammats meeting slated to be held during May, 2012 had to be shifted to Dar al Salam instead due to the refusal of UAE government to host it in Dubai.

Since 2009 hundreds of Shia Muslims have been deported from UAE, while during April, 2012 in a wave of deportations of Lebanese nationals several immigrants were deported and banned to enter in UAE.

“I lost a huge amount of my property, above all education of my children has been disturbed”, an immigrant stated to the Shia Post.

The current deportations of Shia Muslims have also banned them from ever entering UAE again due to false and fictitious security concerns.They have neither committed any crimes nor have they ever been involved in any anti UAE government activities whatsoever at any time. However their only crime is that they were practicing their Shia faith!

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