Prince Muqrin Named 2nd Deputy Prime Minister (SUSRIS, 02/02/2013)

Prince Muqrin Bin Abdul Aziz was appointed Second Deputy Premier by King Abdullah on Friday according to the Saudi Embassy Washington. Muqrin, who served as Advisor and Special Envoy to the King since being relieved as head of Saudi intelligence last July, was to take up his new position immediately. He becomes the fifth prince in the history of the Kingdom to be named to the post which has seen previous incumbents eventually elevated to Crown Prince, direct successor to the throne. The post has been vacant since Prince Nayef was named Crown Prince in October 2011.

Prince Muqrin, 67, youngest surviving son of King Abdulaziz, was profiled among « The Middle East’s Most Powerful Spooks, » by in 2009. Of his career it was said: « The youngest son of the Saudi kingdom’s founder, Prince Muqrin bin Abdul-Aziz lived in relative anonymity for the first 60 years of his life. Born in 1945 and educated in the West, Prince Muqrin served in the Royal Saudi Air Force and as governor of several Saudi provinces, including al-Madinah, whose capital is the holy city of Medina. In 2005, he was tapped by his half brother King Abdullah to head the GIP, a daunting task given his lack of intelligence experience and the long shadow of his predecessors, among them legendary chief Prince Turki bin Faisal. »

In 1982 Prince Sultan, the Minister of Defense and Aviation, became Second Deputy Prime Minister. He was named Crown Prince in 2005 when Crown Prince Abdullah succeeded King Fahd to the throne. Prince Nayef was designated Second Deputy Prime Minister in March 2009 to provide leadership in the Kingdom, during overseas travels of the King and due to the incapacitation of Crown Prince Sultan. Nayef was named Crown Prince on October 27, 2011, five days after the death of Crown Prince Sultan. Nayef died in June 2012 and was succeeded by Prince Salman bin Sultan. One month later King Abdullah issued a royal order relieving Prince Muqrin « of his post as Chief of General Intelligence and appointing him as an Advisor and Special Envoy of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques at the rank of Minister; in addition to appointing Prince Bandar bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz as Chief of General Intelligence along with his current post as Secretary General of National Security Council at the rank of Minister. »

« He knows a lot about foreign affairs. I find him to be receptive to new ideas, to change. He knows which way the world is heading, » said Khaled al-Maeena, editor in chief of the Saudi Gazette English-language daily cited in a Reuters report. It also noted, « The appointment of Muqrin to this post means the position of prime minister might start to carry more weight relative to the royal court, » said Hossein Shobokshi, a prominent Saudi columnist.

His Royal Highness Prince Mugrin bin Abdulaziz Al Saud

HRH Prince Mugrin Bin Abdul Aziz , was born in Riyadh in 1369H-1945G. He was originated under the care of his father king Abdul Aziz Al Saud (may Allah have mercy on him),in a family loving education, courage, and equitation. He has obtained several academic and training certificates.
He received his primary education at Al Assema Model Institute, after graduation, he joined the Saudi Royal Air Forces in 1384H–1964G.
He completed his education of aviation sciences in Britain and graduated in 1388H-1968G.
He has attended advanced courses in training on fighters at Dhahran Air Base and worked at the second flight for the period from 1390H – 1393 H.
He joined a course of trainers in Britain, then a course of General Staff in USA in 1394H – 1974 G and obtained a diploma (equivalent to Master Degree).
HRH was appointed in 1397H–1977 G assistant to air operations manager, and head of plans and operations division in the Saudi Royal Air Forces.
HRH was appointed by a Royal Decree dated 2/5/1400H–8/3/1980 G, Governor of Hail Province, he stayed for 20 years in this position.
HRH was appointed by a Royal Decree dated 16/8/1420H–24/11/ G, Governor of Al Madina Province as a successor to his late brother, HRH Prince Abdul Majeed Bin Abdul Aziz ( may Allah have mercy on him).
HRH was appointed by a Royal Decree dated 19/9/1426H–22/10/2005 G, Chairman of the GPI (rank of a minister).
HRH Prince Mugrin Bin Abdul Aziz, Chairman of GPI has many interests and tendencies of astronomy, reading, culture, agriculture researches, technology applications, electronic government and its applications and Arabic poetry, he has a big library having more than ten thousand books. And HRH is the Head of many assemblies and specialized societies.

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