Fleming Gulf to highlight expertise in refinery technology at 3rd Annual Global Refining Technology Forum in Doha, Qatar (Ameinfo, 19/12/2012)

The oil and gas refining industry is witnessing a lot of all changes all over the world. Global refining technology is essential for the future of oil and gas refineries worldwide. Fleming Gulf will be highlighting expertise in refinery technology at the 3rd Annual Global Refining Technology Forum in Doha, Qatar.

Refineries play a major role in producing commercial fuel that we use by converting crude oil into heating oils, liquefied petroleum gas, gasoline, kerosene, aviation fuel, diesel fuel etc. Refineries are diversifying their role now as they have to keep in mind the production of biofuels and the increase of heavy oil contents in conventional light oil reserves.

According to an article featured on Hydrocarbon Processing, the amount of crude oil passing through refineries all over the world is forecasted to increase in the fourth quarter of 2012. As reported by the International Energy Agency (IEA), China and India are leading the growth in refining. India recorded refining output of 4.5 million barrels per day (bpd), whereas China recorded 9.5 million bpd. In the United States, Ergon Inc. is planning to expand its Vicksburg, Mississippi refinery with an investment of upto $147m. This expansion will help increase the productivity and quality through new lab facilities and development units. In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Saudi Aramco Total Refinery and Petrochemicals Company – SATORP, a joint venture between Saudi Arabian Oil Company and Total will focus on increasing refining capacity and processing heavy crude from Aramco’s Manifa oilfield.

A recent article featured on Oil and Gas Journal’s website stated that Saudi Aramco and China’s Sinopec entered into a joint venture to form Yanbu Aramco Sinopec Refining Company (YASREF), which will hold a refining capacity of 400,000 bpd. YASREF operations will serve the markets of Asia, Middle East, Africa, Europe and the United States.

In light of these developments taking place in the refinery industry, Fleming Gulf will be organizing the 3rd Annual Global Refining Technology Forum in Doha, Qatar from 29 April to 1 May. The conference will bring together oil and gas professionals from around the world to discuss the latest developments in the refining industry. The conference will serve as a platform for companies to showcase their latest technologies as well as learn what the other players are working on.

The conference will cover topics like key trends and benefits of investing in advanced refining technology, emphasis on quality upgrading of heavy crude oil refining, key drivers for refining and petrochemical integration, ensuring process safety in refineries by implementing latest technologies and many more. Confirmed speakers hail from Borouge, Sulzer Chemtech, Chevron, Saudi Aramco, Petrobras, Kuwait National Petroleum Company, Sasol, Kuwait Oil Company and Indian Oil Corporation among others.

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