Profile of new interior minister, Prince Mohamed bin Nayif (SPA, 06/11/2012)

Jedda, Dhu-alhijjah 21, 1433, 6 November 2012, SPA -Prince Muhammad Bin-Nayif Bin-Abd-al-Aziz, the minister of interior was born in Jedda on 30 August 1959 corresponding to Safar 25,1379AH.

He studied elementary, intermediate and secondary levels of education at Al-Asemah Institute in Riyadh.

He studied in the United States of America and he was awarded BA degree in Political Science in the year 1981.

He has conducted several advanced military courses the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and abroad related to security matters and combating of terrorism.

He had worked in the private sector until the year 1419AH [1999].

A Royal Order was issued on 13 May 1999 appointing him as assistant minister of interior for security affairs at an excellent rank.

On October 16, 1999, the then Crown Prince Abdallah Bin Abd-al-Aziz Al-Sa’ud, Deputy Premier and Commander of the National Guard approved his accession to the membership of the Supreme Information Council.

His services were extended for a period of four years effective from Muharram 27, 1424AH in accordance with a Royal Order on Dhu Al-Hijjah 27, 1423AH.

On Jamadah I, 4, 1425 AH, a Royal Order was issued appointing him as Assistant Minister of Interior for Security Affairs at a rank of minister. In September 2008, a royal order was issued for the extension of his services.

On 27 August 2009, he was subjected to an assassination attempt carried out by a wanted man, who had claimed that he wanted to surrender himself.

Before this incident, he was subjected to several assassination attempts, including an attempt in his office at the Ministry of Interior in Riyadh, and another attempt by a terrorist group during his visit to Yemen.

Prince Muhammad Bin-Nayif Bin-Abd-al-Aziz has been a member in the following:

-The National Anti-Narcotics Committee since its re-formation in accordance with a Cabinet’s decision No 160 dated on 6/7/1427AH.

-The Permanent Committee of the Economic Council in accordance with a Royal Order issued on 28/11/1430AH.

-High Commission of Prince Muhammad Bin-Nayif Bin-Abd-al-Aziz al-Sa’ud Award for Prophet’s Sunnah and Contemporary Islamic Studies.

Prince Muhammad Bin-Nayif Bin-Abd-al-Aziz participated in a joint meeting between the then Late Crown Prince Sultan bin Abd-al-Aziz Al-Sa’ud, Deputy Premier and Minister of Defence and Aviation and Inspector General, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) delegation headed by Shaykh Muhammad Bin Zayid Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces on 2/7/2010.

He has paid dozens of visits to many countries on security missions and led successful negotiations with international officials on sensitive security issues in the fields of terrorism and narcotics.

He participated in a historic visit of the Saudi delegation to Iran headed by late Prince Nayif Bin-Abd-al-Aziz on 17 April 2001AD, during which Saudi-Iranian security agreement was signed for combating the organized crime, international terrorism, arms smuggling and money laundering.

He supported the establishment of the first centre of its kind in the world to advise and monitor extremists and individuals returning from conflict zones, and this Saudi experience has been followed up in more than 20 countries.

Prince Mohammed bin Naif has led the biggest process for the development of the structures and functions of security sectors at the Interior Ministry according to the latest technical and scientific studies. The developments included the following security sectors:

-General Directorate of Investigation,

-Special Security Forces,

-General Directorate of Public Security,

-General Directorate of Civil Defence,

-General Directorate of Passports,

-General Directorate of King Fahd Security College,

-General Directorate of Prisons,

-National Information Centre,

-General Directorate of Intellectual Security,

-General Directorate for Combating Drugs,

-General Directo rate of Border Guard.

He has led one of the most successful operations in security and intellectual confrontation of extremist groups which has lasted many years.

He is leading with his men today the largest operations against drug gangs and he has supervised the largest seizures of drugs that took place in the Arab region.

The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdallah Bin-Abd-al-Aziz Al-Sa’ud decorated Prince Muhammad Bin-Nayif Bin-Abd-al-Aziz with King

Abd-al-Aziz Sash of the first class in recognition of his efforts in the field of his works, on 17/8/1430 AH.

The Prince is an intensive reader of security, strategic and political sciences subjects.

He has been practicing in hunting sport in the desert.

He has also shown constant interest in shooting, equestrianism and swimming.

Prince Muhammad Bin-Nayif has been described by MSNBC Network as ‘The General of War on Terrorism’.

US and European officials have described him as the commander of one of the most effective operations to combat terrorism in the world.

Global newspapers and television networks have talked about his character and roles in combating terrorism, such as, CNN, Fox News, Sky News, NHK Japan, Time Magazine, Der Spiegel Newspaper(Germany), New York Times, the Guardian, the Daily Telegraph, Le-Figaro Newspaper (France), and Reuters (International News Agency).

Source: SPA news agency website, Riyadh, in English 0000 gmt 6 Nov 12

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